Reiki Healing Requests

The Life Dimensions team will be sending distant Reiki on a daily basis. If you or someone you know would like to benefit from this Reiki treatment offered FREE to all that request it, we ask you kindly to fill in the details below. Once you send your request your intention will be honored the following day.

Your intention will be in our daily Reiki Distant treatment for a duration of 10 days. Should you require further healing we invite you to send us your requests after the 10 days is up. We are available to receive your requests and look forward to heaing of your healing experience when you are happy to share.


We thank you for allowing the Life Dimensions team to serve you on your journey and encourage you to share this offering with as many people as you know.

Please provide the following information in the form below:


  • The name of the person requesting Reiki Healing.

  • In the message section, kindly provide details for all Healing Requests inclusive of any questions you have.

  • Email and phone is provided so we can be in touch with answers to your questions or for clarification on a healing requst. 

  • Feel free to use this form to share your experience. 

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