We are a business for everyone and by that I mean that everybody who desires to walk the holistic wellness journey with us, is welcome. We are perfect beings! Without telling them, your body, mind and spirit do so much on a daily basis. This is the perfection we speak of. The things you may feel to be imperfect are the ones we, here at Life Dimensions recognize as gifts. They are our compass and so in it's whole entirety we welcome ALL of YOU. However you show up here, you are welcomed. If you desire to just relax and take some time for yourself we have the best in European style body treatments, wraps and scrubs and a sauna (coming soon). If you feel the need for a bit of flexibility in body and mind we partner with Studio Bliss Yoga to bring you the best in Barre, Yoga & Pilates. If you are feeling pain, that pain has a message that seeks our deep listening. If you are desiring a change in your life be it emotional, spiritual, physical...striving to be better in your actions, words, health and really shining your light, we listen together and bring you a plethora of energy work, Integrative Massages, corrective exercise and exercise therapy all under one roof. Babies, mum's, dad's are received here to begin or continue this journey. Because we truly believe that you are a pure and incredible light we offer a safe haven for all. We have acquired patterns in thought, words, actions, beliefs, movement and energies as far back as our ancestors. When we create a caring space and listen deeply there's a story and we are here to listen too. It doesn't define our soul but it sure is liberating, when one gets to know and understand more of that vehicle they are navigating with on a daily basis.Together we fine-tune, restore and establish a deep understanding. When equipped with this knowledge often times one is relieved and healing begins. Here at Life Dimensions & Studio Bliss "two businesses, one location, one mission" it is our passion and our calling to share with you the knowledge, experience and...to ultimately accompany YOU on this journey. As a mum of two it is now my calling to allow these two beautiful souls to be my teachers and students and vice versa and to leave a legacy of love, kindness and oneness behind. 

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