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Location: 105 S. 4th St, Council Bluffs IA 51503

Phone: 712-256-5937

Hours: 7:30am- 10:00pm

(By Appointment up to 2 hours before your desired time)

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Join me for REVAMP at First Row Fitness - Monday's at 6.30pm (60min).


Yoga Classes at the NEW Charles E. Lakin YMCA opens - Tuesday & Thursday at 7.30am (60min).

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One-on-one Yoga


Affordable private yoga sessions are now available. You may be new to yoga, and simply want to discover what it is all about before joining a studio. Perhaps you are enjoying and benefiting from a solid weekly practice but would love to dedicate a few private sessions to gaining more knowledge of the poses, alignment, adjustments and all that forms part of the ancient science of Yoga.


Whether a stay at home mum or working from home, you might have minimal time to head to a studio, deal with traffic and parking and make it home in time. Private yoga sessions are available in the comfort of your own home, where together we discover your concerns, goals and needs. We will create a holistic practice that targets physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. A program is tailored with budget & schedule in mind.


Group Yoga


If you have a flair for laughing, getting together with friends and having some good fun, it is time to live up to your name and gather everyone for a regular weekly yoga class. It is an awesome way to inspire and get inspired plus it is so much greater meeting up with your loved ones and sharing this wonderful practice. As a group this is an awesome opportunity to ask lots of questions and get lots of answers as we each learn and grow on our mats.


Corporate Yoga


Many or most of us have been guilty of loading up on caffeine, eating lunch at our desks or working overtime to meet deadlines. Many or most of us will realize that this has become our lifestyle and quite the norm. If you are a boss, manager or employee reading this you might just want to take a moment to recognize that you were born to impact the world around you and this could very well be your day.


Get a group of colleagues together, pool in a few bucks and give Ilona a call. I have all the yoga props & mats needed for a well rounded session that can be held in hospitals, universities, corporate businesses and more. Class can be held anywhere in the workplace and open to all levels.


One session in and you'll begin to feel the benefits:


  • Less back pain
  • Energized
  • High morale
  • Higher concentration levels
  • Increased motivation


A few sessions in and employers will see:


  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Lower turnover
  • Increased overall health and creativity.
  • Increased team spirit.


After a few weeks you will notice strength in body and mind enabling you to handle many stressful situations without reacting. Many say they also begin to make conscious changes that seemed so difficult in the past. Many attest that the simple exercise of leaving the desk has served as an inspiration to others and most importantly to themselves, their peers and loved ones. 


Ilona will take care of meeting with a manager or superior at the work place in order to organize a consistent and effective class schedule.

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