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Location: 105 S. 4th St, Council Bluffs IA 51503

Phone: 712-256-5937

Hours: 7:30am- 10:00pm

(By Appointment up to 2 hours before your desired time)

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Join me for REVAMP at First Row Fitness - Monday's at 6.30pm (60min).


Yoga Classes at the NEW Charles E. Lakin YMCA opens - Tuesday & Thursday at 7.30am (60min).


As babies we were once all yogis, pulling our toes to our mouth, coming up in a natural downward dog and kicking up effortlessly into handstand. We were one with ourselves. Somewhere along the journey the pressure piled on and stress took over, making way for injuries, illnesses and a gray sheet over those giggles, laughter and more.


Yoga means, "to yolk or unify". In the full capacity of our lives we are constantly unifying and yolking whether you are running a bath and blending the warm water with bubble bath or carefully selecting produce to present a heart meal to your loved ones. Yoga is not simply the practice of poses (asanas), meditation (dhyana) and breathing techniques (pranayama) but a closer look into the way we live all aspects of our lives. Every step of our day in every way there is room for Yoga with Awareness. Welcome Yoga into your life spiritually, emotionally and physically and enjoy the subtle moments of transformation.


Practice the yoga of love in your heart and home and watch fear and anger dissipate. Make the time for asana practice and those toes may find their way back to your mouth with laughter and giggles in tow. At the very least you'll be rewarded with health and every system in your body will thank you. It is never too late to invite balance in. Together, we will make these choice and changes that may seem overwhelming. Take the first steps to dissolving stress and anxiety, experience patience and forgiveness and enjoy living a life of "oneness" with yourself and the world.


With love, compassion and light


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