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Location: 105 S. 4th St, Council Bluffs IA 51503

Phone: 712-256-5937

Hours: 7:30am- 10:00pm

(By Appointment up to 2 hours before your desired time)

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Join me for REVAMP at First Row Fitness - Monday's at 6.30pm (60min).


Yoga Classes at the NEW Charles E. Lakin YMCA opens - Tuesday & Thursday at 7.30am (60min).


Caring for the planet, we care for ourselves.


We may have heard of hot temperatures, rising sea levels, extinction of species, melting polar ice caps, deforestation, increasing cancer rates and depletion of resources. Despite our awareness, it may be difficult to fully understand the consequences of not being good environmental stewards, in our lifetime and for generations still to come.


In yoga class we bring awareness to our breath and our karma (action), knowing fully that for every action there is a reaction. On our mat it begins with an inhale (setting our intention) and ends with an exhale to all living beings, "That they may be happy and free".  We also send love and compassion to ourselves, our family and all living beings. When we connect with our pure soul (light), we come to realize that peace, joy, happiness, compassion and wisdom are within each of us and when we set and cultivate the time to get to know and use them, all that remains are uplifting actions that serve the good of mankind and our Mother Earth.


Ilona realizes that to make big changes we have to start with small steps.


Ilona's Eco-Friendly Initiative...


  • Massage Lotions:- Since the body absorbs chemicals through the skin we use products containing 100% organic all-natural ingredients.
  • Massage Oils:- We carry pure, 100% certified organic oils as a base for our aromatherapy selection.
  • Essential Oils:- Certified organic essential oils have been cultivated from chemical-free soil.
  • Massage Table:- Earthlite table made from hard maple and grown in a manged forest.
  • Cleaning Products:- Our homemade natural all purpose cleaner is free from phosphates, dyes and bleaches.
  • Lighting:- Our light bulbs have been replaced with compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Linen detergent:- Our biodegradable detergent is made without petroleum-based chemicals.
  • Brochures:- Our brochures are printed on 33% recyled paper. We will our business cards up very soon.
  • Candles:- We use soy and vegetable oil based candles which burn cleaner and last longer.
  • Online Shopping:- We use companies that utilize eco-friendly practices.
  • Buying Local:- We use local products to support local businesses and to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used in shipping.
  • Paper:- We use recycled paper towels and facial tissues.


Join the chant and take action. "May all beings be happy and free" and "may my daily actions serve planet earth". While some changes may seem impossible remember there are many simpler and less expensive options and every tiny step is a contribution to the large change.

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