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Location: 105 S. 4th St, Council Bluffs IA 51503

Phone: 712-256-5937

Hours: 7:30am- 10:00pm

(By Appointment up to 2 hours before your desired time)

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Join me for REVAMP at First Row Fitness - Monday's at 6.30pm (60min).


Yoga Classes at the NEW Charles E. Lakin YMCA opens - Tuesday & Thursday at 7.30am (60min).

A typical Massage Therapy Session with Ilona


Depending on your choice, sessions come in 30min, 60min and 90min appointment slots. Refrain from eating a heavy meal 2hrs before the treatment. A first visit begins with a 10min consultation and review of symptoms, medical history and lifestyle which will better establish your needs, ensuring an experience consistent with your overall health and wellness goals. I recommend you fill in all forms online prior to your arrival. If this is not your first session, arrive 5mins early to rest and relax in our spaace prior to the treatment.


Oils/Lotions and blends are selected depending on the treatment, needs and goals for that session. Before I leave the room you will be instructed to remove your jewellery safely, to dress down to your comfort level and shown how to set yourself up on the massage table. I will knock and wait for you to let me know it is ok to re-enter the room. Upon re-entering all adjustments are made to ensure that you are comfortable and properly positioned.


Throughout the duration of the treatment it is important to remember this session is about You. Let me know if:


  • You are too cold, too warm.
  • Pressure is too little or too much.
  • There is something that needs to be adjusted.
  • You need water, restroom or tissues.                                                                                                                                                                                 Should you be instructed to change positioning, appropriate draping is used on the part of the body being treated and you remain under the sheet at all times during repositioning. Once the massage has come to an end I will leave the room so you can take your time to come back to your natural state, sit up slowly and get dressed. You will feel calm and relaxed after a treatment so it is important to move with ease.


You will be offered a beverage of water, freshly brewed tea or infusion right after the session. We will then sit together for the final few minutes to formulate a plan of action that best suits you.

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