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Dear Friends,


I send all of you much love, compassion and light. My husband and I are bursting with excitement. Depending on when our little "bumperillo" decides to move to it's new habitat, we are calculating there's about 8 weeks left. We have had so much fun together already and look forward to continue our activities when player three enters the game very soon.


Since December 2013, our practice,  has included gratitude, loving kindness, compassion, self-love, introspection, silence, communication and much much more. We have found Raja Yoga to be a useful tool on this journey of growth. It has helped us individually, as a married couple and parents to this  bumperillo. When we have faced some challenges we ultimately do our best to remember the pure soul that resides in each of us. In addition I encourage you all to check out and download the Pause for Peace App to enhance your practice this month.


Massage Yoga & Reiki


Everyday, all of us awakens with confidence and loving intention, to serve and enrich the lives of those that cross our paths. In sharing my gifts of Massage, Reiki & Yoga with you, you begin to feel the healing that takes place in your lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. This healing and enrichment of life as a whole extends far beyond ourselves, creating a vibrant, healthy and happy community.


Yoga strengthens, relaxes, stretches and enhances your holistic practice. Bodywork supports you, your exercise regimen and helps keep you motivated. Using specific modalities to address muscle soreness, pain or tension, soreness prevention (before workouts), you will leave feeling energized and in tune with your body.

If you have experienced the benefits of this I encourage you to share these practices, events and personal journey with your friends. Together we can heal the world one soul at a time. Bring or refer a friend and earn $5 per person.
Blessings Love & Light,


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  • Join us at Yoga Rocks the Park every Sunday until July 6th. Many prizes, raffles and offers from The Mind Body Spirit of Omaha.


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  • Refer a Friend and receive $5 referral dollars to be used towards any treatment booked.