I l o n a H o l l a n d Life Dimensions
I l o n a  H o l l a n d   Life  Dimensions


"Change is...


when we feel things are falling apart, but actually they are falling into place." This photo captured by Lauren Siewertsen in Blackwater Falls Virginia (Retreat 2013), is a still moment of energetic times where behind me you can hear some 16 yogis on a mountain top. They are laughing, playing under the falls, eating, meditating & painting...

Change was happening at that very moment. How we experienced change, that was all up to us. It could feel like death, or it could feel like a second chance at life, but we made the choice to Laugh, because laughter is a healer. It shakes out fear and leaves you happier and more relaxed. When you relax and laugh, new ideas come to play and difficulties fade away. 

Those spiritual, joyous, merry and fun-filled days we spent together remind me of how we connected and came together as ONE, truly acknowledging the pure soul, that is embedded in each one of us. There was no judgement, simply LIGHT emnating.


There are many changes coming about these next few months so take a peak and come Laugh & Play and make it a Happy Day."


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Spread the love & the word and together we'll heal one soul at a time,


Om Shanti









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