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Massage is a Need

Happy November y'all,


How are you doing? Sven and I are a wee bit late with this post. His Nanna (my mum), arrived from Malta at the end of October. Laiden with gifts and treats, it took the luggage three days to get here, and about a week for us both to open all the packages. Halloween, my husband's birthday celebrations and a Raj Yoga course I'm enrolled in, also needed some attention.


This month has been bursting with so much positive energy and good quality time with my mum. I realise this visit is happening at the right time and many shifts are taking place as we speak. It warms my heart to see both her and my husband getting along. Sven giggles, laughs and responds back in his loud Maltese accent, assuring her they are team dynamite. Her caring touch and gentle massage, goes a long way, which brings me to this months topic of discussion.


Research shows that every child, no matter the age, should be massaged on a regular basis. Touch creates a close bond with our children, and conveys a comforting sense of security and trust. It has been known, that babies fail to thrive and even die without an adequate amount of physical contact. Adults in turn, become depressed and ill if they are isolated from this most basic of human needs. Children who learn healthy views of touch and have a positive tactile experience by their caregivers will most likely grow up to be adults with healthy self-esteem, a sense of appropraite boundaries, and long-lasting intimate relationships. Read more


Our November/December First Timers Special offer will help you and your chidlren get started on this journey of healing.


Flash News!


This month we have started taking bookings online. If you are not into online bookings you can still call the front desk on 712-322-6606. Since this is our first attempt at online bookings, should you encounter any difficulties, we would appreciate hearing from you via the contact form or an email sent to massage@ilonaholland.com


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Spread the love & the word and together we'll heal one soul at a time,


Om Shanti


Ilona & Sven.







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