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Happy October Everyone,


I hope you are looking forward to this coming month as much as me. I'm delighted to be returning back to work full-time, after being away for two months. Take a peek to the left here, and meet Sven Marius Ruesch, who you'll agree should be keeping me away longer. Eric and I have been blessed with an absolute gem, who has been growing healthily and steadily since his arrival.


Eric, Sven and I continue to count our blessings and make a conscious effort to nourish our Mind, Body & Spirit. Sven truly enjoys his daily massages and yoga classes, and recommends you try them. Come check out a season full of fun, love, healing and conscious changes. Smile, shine your light and spread the word!


P.S. - If you see Sven sporting "PINK" you'll know he's supporting 'Pink Out CB' and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Till I see you next, Blessings & Light,










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